Using Peer Feedback statements in plenaries

My thanks to Beth Evans, of The Queen Elizabeth’s High School, Gainsborough for this idea.

Beth wrote “I did screen shot one question that came up whilst I was testing a quiz I had written and used it as a plenary to the previous* lesson as part of the critera setting for the next task.”
* I think this should have been “next”.

This is a fantastic idea. It should be easy to train your students to screenshot particularly challenging choices and send them to you for display on the whiteboard.

To test the idea for myself, I took the Cyberbullying quiz from my e-safety course, and screenshotted the relevant pages. Here are a couple of examples:

Screenshot 1


In this case, option A is actually the original teacher-written feedback statement. It is certainly solid, useful feedback. But it’s a bit… teacherly. Compare that with C. Also sensible advice, albeit with some misspellings, but in an authentic student voice. I suspect it would appeal to a segment of young people for whom A would just wash off. Either way, a great classroom discussion to be had.

Screenshot 2


C is a dilly. Does the student who wrote that even realise they are using metaphor? So many possibilities here to take e-safety way beyond a set of commandments to be rote-learned and subsequently ignored.

I would love to hear reports from anyone who tries this. If it proves popular, we could probably build it into the Results Whiteboard application in Yacapaca.


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