Top resources for KS3 Computing

Allow me to boast, if you will, about some of our top Computing resources. These are all from authors who have been teaching Computing for several years.

  1. Complete Y7/8 Computer Science course
    from Neil Birkin at Frederick Ghent School
  2. Levelled introduction to Binary
    from Zach Ishani at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy
  3. Introductory Python
    from Sam Pottinger at Digital Arts Club

All Yacapaca courses have as standard

  • Formative peer feedback
  • “Flow state” timed quizzes
  • Keyword analysis of student strengths/weaknesses
  • Gradebook with Flightline analysis
  • Remix and reuse the entire question bank to create the ideal course for your students.

Here is the complete list of 41 KS3 Computing Courses, written by teachers across the UK and beyond.

And here is the same content broken down according to the preliminary syllabus.


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