Set an exam using Quick Assignments

Sam Hucker from Winterbourne International Academy asked me this question this morning:

I have set up a partial exam for my BTEC Engineering students. Is there a way that I can set up further questions where they have to type paragraphs or free sentences in larger
quantities?  I can just set it in a Word doc, but it would be good if there was a way and I could open, read & mark myself. I appreciate that this would not fit into the self marking section.

QAAs a matter of fact, there is. For each question, create a separate Quick Assignment. Switch off the option for students to respond with a file upload, so they are forced to type their answers direct into the browser. This does limit them to plain text answers, but really that is the only drawback.

Now when you come to mark it, you see one page containing every student’s answer to a single question. This makes it easier to give consistent grades, compared to grouping answers by student as you would with a document.


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