Student ID Cards are now PDFs

Yacapaca ID cards are a super-convenient method to give students their ID details. Print, hand out in class, done. But until now they did not work on tablets.

That problem is now solved because we have switched to downloading ID cards as PDFs – the same way we do with Parent Reports. Access them in the same place:

Students tab -> Student Sets -> Actions -> ID Cards

…or via the Gradebook. It takes a moment for the download to compile and start, so be patient. You should see a flashing notifier.

Some browsers will open the PDF file in a new tab; others place it directly into your Downloads folder. Basically, look where other PDFs get placed and you will find the ID Cards there.

Switching to PDF has also allowed us to fix an issue that has been nagging at me for a while – the bottom Card on any page tended to flow over on to the next page. With HTML we could not do anything about that; with PDF, each card retains its integrity.

I hope you like the new ID Cards. Please let me know if you have any issues with them.


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