Copyright misconceptions

copyright distortSometimes kids get hold of the wrong end of the stick en masse. A great example is copyrightthe right to copy. A quick sampling of students’ peer feedback statements reveals that approx. 50% of statements that mention copyright see it as some kind of a crime. Here’s a quick sampler of the 20+ most recent examples:

  1. It is copying someones work and is illegal and this is called copyright.
  2. Because copyright is an act of taking someone else’s info and using it as your own.
  3. You shouldn’t copy them as that would be copyrighting.
  4. Because copyright is a serious criminal offence.
  5. Copying information from someone damages the copyright Missy act when not asking the person for permission. It could result in you getting a fine.
  6. It is the right answer because copyright means to copy someones work.
  7. Because if you just copy it you don’t have permit ion and it could be classed as copyright.
  8. Because if you copied a song or video someone had made it would be copying which is copyright.
  9. Because someone could have copyrighted it without permission and just wrote this is true on their web page.
  10. Because copying means copying and pasting but i think what they meant to say was copyrighting because you are allowed to copy and paste pictures.
  11. Because copyrighted means copied someones work.
  12. That you cant copy someone else’s video because its their video and its called copyright if you copy their video off YouTube and facebook.
  13. This is right because the law called it copyright and you are copying some ones else’s work.
  14. It is not private because then there is no point making the book. The answer is copyright because it has been copy ed z.
  15. He could get sued for copyright so he needs to out the information of the original photo’s owner.
  16. Because of the copyright act is to stop people.
  17. I choose copyright because she is copying the information on the internet.
  18. By copyright your copying somebody else’s work.
  19. Because copyright- the word copy means to steal and you are not allowed to steal so you are not allowed to copy.
  20. viruses are caused by programs copyright is caused by theft
  21. This is wrong because stealing other peoples work is the wrong thing to do and doing this can get you taken to prison for copyrighting.
  22. copyright is illegal

The point of mentioning this is that I have been speculating how to automate the analysis of peer analysis texts to spot common misconceptions such as this and encourage quiz authors to address them via new questions. So far, I think that kind of automated linguistic analysis is beyond us, but it certainly should be possible to give authors access to the complete databank to do their own research. What do you think?


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