No more “failed quiz attempts”

When we first started running Yacapaca, students discovered that they could use the Back button to try each question as many times as there were options, and thus gain a perfect score without needing to pay any attention to the content. This resulted in an invalid assessment and zero learning, so we had to block it. The only way to do this at the time was to program Flash so that the Back button would exit the quiz altogether.

This in turn created a need for a feature by which the teacher could ‘forgive’ this behaviour and permit an additional attempt. An unsatisfactory situation all round, but the best that could be done with the technology of the time.

Finally, this has changed. Faster and more reliable school networks now allow us to serve the data in a different way, so that an interrupted quiz attempt can be picked up again exactly where it left off.

Hence, the old ‘additional attempt’ functionality is redundant and will be removed. In its place we have…


Students returning to a quiz will see “/continuation of the interrupted attempt/” and will be able to simply keep going. This works on both Flash and mobile versions of Yacapaca.


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