Time to update the Gap Analysis for your quizzes

Every quiz has, or should have a Gap Analysis template. The is the set of key concepts that the quiz addresses, that is reported to both teachers and students so that you/they can track what has, and what has not, been grasped. It is a really powerful feature for both learners and teachers, that is unique to Yacapaca.

As of last week, we have placed the gap analysis for each quiz firmly under the author’s control. Here is where Key Concepts are shown…

Teacher module

  • Assignments -> Results -> Gap Analysis (overview of the whole class)
  • Assignments -> Results -> Activity Log (per-student)

Student module

  • Quiz -> Key Concept popup
  • Revision Planner tab (includes per-concept 5-minute revisions)

For each quiz, you can select up to 6 Key Concepts from the tags already attached to each question. There are often a lot more tags than this, but question tags are used for many different purposes, and not all of them are useful for analysis.

More tab -> My Quizzes -> Edit -> Gap Analysis

Here is what the Gap Analysis looks like (from the quiz 3.2 Programming: Scratch)
results page
And here his how the Key Concepts are used in the Activity Log page. The slight discrepancy between the two screenshots is a result of me updating the Key Concepts between screenshots.
progression map 2
this screenshot was taken before ‘progression map’ was renamed to ‘Gap Analysis’
Updating your Gap Analysis templates is a quick and easy job that hugely improves the quality of your quizzes.


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