Fast revision setup

The absolute quickest way to get your students revising on Yacapaca is:

  1. Sign up here if you don’t already have an account.
  2. Create a new student set via Students tab -> New Student Set
    1. Use the “casual” set type so students can create their own logins
    2. Set up the subject and syllabus. We currently support 67 syllabi across all popular CGSE subjects.
  3. Hand out the Access Key to your students, and coach them to do 5 minutes a day, every day without fail.
  4. Check the weekly report you will be emailed to see, in detail, how well each student is doing.

This screencast will talk you through it. I recommend the high-quality version on Vimeo, if it is not blocked in your location.

Revision is free on Yacapaca. Some other uses are available only to paid subscribers.

Start the process now


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