Should you use the Flash or HTML5 quiz player?

There are two apps that run Yacapaca quizzes; the original that uses Adobe Flash and the mobile version using HTML5.

Modern browsers typically give you the choice of which to use, but require specific authorisation to use Flash. So which should you use? Here are our current (Feb 2018) recommendations:

  • Desktop or laptop PC: Flash
  • Phone or tablet: HTML5

The HTML5 version was written to work well on mobile devices specifically. It works excellently on small screens and copes well with spotty internet connections. On normal PC screens it’s pug-ugly, if I’m honest, and it also does not support all question types. In particular, it currently stalls if it hits one of the short-text questions used in our GCSE Exam Practice module.

If you need to check which version your students are using, here are example screenshots.

Flash: note the rounded corners and the avatar on the same page as the question.


HTML5: squared corners, and the full width of the screen used.


We are in the process of writing a new quiz app that will replace both of these with something that is both modern and stylish on all device types. Look out for announcements.



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