September Checklist

Here is what you need to do to have Yacapaca fully ready for the new school year.

1. Check your subscription

Subs button

Click the yellow button at the top right of your screen once for the expiry date and twice for the number of credits left this month. Allow at least a week for your school purchasing process if placing an official purchase order; credit card orders are instant.

2. Update/rename current student sets

Edit ss

Students tab -> Student sets -> Action -> Edit student set

Typically last year’s set 7A will need renaming to 8A. Only takes a moment and saves so much confusion later on.

3. Delete old student sets

delete ss

Last year’s set 11A probably isn’t much use to you now. Delete what you do not need.

4. Upload new students

new student set

Students tab -> Student sets -> New student set (at the bottom of the list)

As an absolute minimum, upload forename, surname and admission number. We use the admission number to de-duplicate student records when, inevitably, one of your colleagues uploads a different class with some or all of the same students.

5. Invite new members of your department

invite colleagues

More tab -> Teachers in my school -> Invite colleagues

Help new colleagues integrate into your departmental workflow. By responding to an invite rather than signing up separately, you can make sure they get all the right permissions automatically.

6. Assign pre-tests to your students

Find out how ready they are for this year’s syllabus.


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