Find the right assessment with Faceted Search

Facets screenshot

With 23,000 quizzes, Yacapaca probably already has the ideal quiz for your next baseline or end-of-unit test – but how to know if you have found it? We have spent the last 5 months(!) analysing usage patterns and writing an entirely new search engine to help you.

If you use Amazon or Ebay, you have already used Faceted Search, so the principles will be familiar. Enter your search term, then use the Facets on the left to refine the search. You can refine your search by:

  • Subject
  • Syllabus
  • Topic
  • Type (course|quiz|topic|structured peer assessment)
  • Country

When you try it, you will notice some other changes:

  • Whole courses sort to top. Authors who group their quizzes into meaningful courses deliver a lot more value, and search now makes this more easily available to you.
  • Topics and Structured Peer Assessments now appear as their own search results. Remember you can choose to isolate just one type of assessment using the Types facet.
  • All results are additionally sorted to put the highest-quality and most popular items at the top.

The team here at Yacapaca gave up half their Christmas holidays to bring you Faceted Search by the start of term. I’m super-proud of what they have achieved. The biggest compliment our users can pay, though, is to just shrug and wonder why our competitors’ software isn’t this easy to use.

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