Tutorial 3: The Assignments List

At the heart of the Yacapaca Teachers’ Module lies the Assignments list. This is your overview of both what your students should be doing, and what they are actually doing. It is the springboard to analytics and actions related to each assignment. Time to make friends…
Assignments List

1. Filter and search

After you have been using Yacapaca for a while, the Assignments list becomes quite lengthy. As well as filtering it by student set, teacher and status, you can search for any keyword in assignment titles. Getting familiar with them now will pay off in reduced frustration later.

2. The columns

  • Status: Can students view the assignment? The icon shows if you have actively hidden it from their to-do lists. The icon does not show whether the item is invisible because, for example, it is past due date.
  • Due: The list is sorted by due date, not the date you created the assignment. Very useful if you have just lined up a term’s-worth of work in one go. Remember due dates in Yacapaca are firm: once past due date, the assignment cannot be accessed by students.
  • Student set: A student set does not have to be a whole class, though it usually is one. It’s down to how you wish to define them.
  • Assigned: The name of the quiz or other item assigned.
  • % Completed: For quizzes, this simply shows completed quizzes/assigned quizzes. The colour-coding indicates the assignment type. You may notice that the Quick Assignments come in two shades – the lighter shade indicates responses that you have manually marked.

3. Results menu

This shows actions specific to the quiz. Rather than explain each in detail here, I have linked to existing documentation of each.

results menu

4. Actions menu

This shows actions specific to the assignment, which may contain multiple quizzes. Rather than explain each in detail here, I have linked to existing documentation of each. This is a context-sensitive menu; exactly what you see depends on the specific assignment it relates to.
actions menu
  • Assign again (quickest way to assign to multiple classes)
  • Hide (see Status column above)
  • Edit (change due dates and other parameters)
  • Gradebook*
  • Progress chart** (most useful when you have frequent assessments)
  • Attainment by Topic** (snap overview of class status)
  • Delete (there is an undelete too, don’t worry!)

5. Green buttons

These are actions we found teachers typically want to make from this page.
  • Offline assignment (see Tutorial 4)
  • Quick assignment (see Tutorial 3)
  • Homework (a depreciated feature so I won’t cover it here)

*Take a look at how the Results pages fit together here…

**and then look at how the Analytics pages fit together.

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6 responses to “Tutorial 3: The Assignments List”

  1. Please advise is this a chargeable service as I am not a budget holder, though do have groups of FS student for whom this would be very useful.

  2. Thank you very much. I find that there is always something new to learn from Yacapaca.

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