Structured Peer Assessment reviewed by Ali Gray


This guest post is by Ali Gray, Head of Geography, West Hill Park School, Hampshire.

I tried out SPA with a Year 8 geography class recently. I gave them 20 mins of guided research on a topic and then they started the SPA. I have never seen them work so hard/ fast for 15 mins while they wrote up their answers!

It is intense (for the pupils), but very effective learning.

They enjoyed assessing each other’s work and they learnt a lot. Because they have to read lots of different answers and comment on them, they are actually doing a huge amount of subconscious revision.

Yacapaca then generates all the answers so you can then print out the best answers and stick them in their books for future reference. It is intense (for the pupils), but very effective learning. I have used SPA a few times now, and highly recommend it.

Editor’s note: you can find three of Ali’s Geography SPAs in the SPA samples course.


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