Yacapaca helping Chinese schools and colleges for free during the Coronavirus epidemic

You may or may not know that there are hundreds if not thousands of international schools in China that teach wholly or partly in English. Yacapaca has always been popular with them for obvious reasons.

When China shut down all schools to slow the spread of the virus, the entire nation moved to teaching and learning online. We were proud to be able to serve, but quickly realised that schools that did not already have subscriptions were not in a position to buy one under the present circumstances.

The simple solution was to offer free usage to Chinese schools until the pandemic is over. We’ve earned substantial praise for this online, which has been great, but to be honest it wasn’t done as a grand gesture. It just seemed like a natural and straightforward way that we could help. This lovely video from FE Week was an especial surprise. The Yacapaca mention starts at 1:02.

The offer is now extended to schools in the UK that have already shut, and will be extended across the UK if/when the government declares a nationwide shutdown.


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