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John Cudlipp, Curriculum Leader for Social Subjects, Broughton High School, Edinburgh

John Cudlipp

I use Yacapaca to share with colleagues and set homework tasks so that we can moderate work and agreed standards. It is an efficient tool for monitoring progress of pupils and using information for professional judgements of achievement. For our younger pupils Yacapaca is a great motivator, especially the facility to work in teams. When it comes to exam time the pupils can use the work completed to help with revision.

Dr Carole Cooper, Head of Science, Lancing College Preparatory School, Hove

Carole Cooper

Other teachers love it if I leave quizzes as cover work because it is self-running and the pupils are motivated to use it.

Selwyn Lespoir, Head of Chemistry, St Stephen’s International School, Bangkok, Thailand

(previously at International School Seychelles)
Selwyn Lespoi 2_3

Yacapaca is being used to set homework for my classes. It allows me more time to focus on lesson preparation rather than spending too much time dealing with paperwork. It is also possible to pick on specific areas where students are having problems.
Yacapaca has allowed me to get a good number of parents interested in what their kids are doing as science homework.

Gillian Matthews, Head of Computing, Little Heath School, Reading

Gillian Matthews-2-1

I use Yacapaca as part of revision packages for A level Computing. The format of the results enables me to identify areas of weakness in understanding.

Waheeda Kalirai, Dawson Tuition Centre, BirminghamWaheeda Kalirai

Yacapaca automatically calculates levels and charts progress. Students love using it, and regularly ask me to set more tasks.

Daniel Dunn, Head of Geography, Mercia School, Sheffield

Previously at St Mary’s High School, Chesterfield


The students respond well to the ‘interactive’ nature of Yacapaca, especially pushing their ‘team’ up the leaderboard. Completion rates are improved, plus I do not need to chase up scrappy bits of paper when collecting homework!


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