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In 2019 deliver your best GCSE results ever…

…but this time without draining your energy and enthusiasm through endless marathon marking sessions…

…because Yacapaca now does all the marking for you.

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…with better and more thorough exam practice, but…

The most reliable route to exam success is repeated practice. Use exam-style questions for every topic test. Implement a revision schedule that starts from September. Provide truly formative feedback. When next May comes around, your students will be truly ready. But…

…all that marking will steal your soul…

The average secondary school teacher spends over nine hours per week marking, according to government research. It saps your energy and pulls you away from #1 responsibility: inspiring your students to learn.

…so you need a solution that preserves your enthusiasm to teach…

You know that students won’t stick at exam practice unless they get it marked, with useful feedback, preferably immediately.

…and here it is.

Yacapaca GCSE Exam Practice solves the two problems that attend exam practice: your time and your students’ time:

  • Complete coverage of the syllabus
  • Every exam question type
  • Instant formative feedback
  • Saves hours of marking by hand
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queen katharine academy 2

quote2I have been using Yacapaca to get my Year 11 ready for exam and, honestly, it has been lifesaver. Easy and fun to use. Instant feedback without hours of marking. We all love it.antiquote2

Blanka Glyde, Head of Computer Science, Queen Katharine Academy

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GCSE Practice Exams only cost £6.50 per student/syllabus/year. Book your free trial before the end of term and we’ll give you the whole of September free, to use as much as you like and establish how well it works with your students.

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open academy

quote2Feedback from our learners … identified that that short-text questions recreated the exam experience.antiquote2

Jez Thompson, Strategic Lead IT, The Open Academy, Norwich


Syllabus support schedule

We are working hard on supporting more syllabi across more subjects Here’s what is coming soon:

  • Out now: OCR Computer Science J276
  • 1/9/18: AQA Computer Science 8520
  • 1/9/18: Edexcel Computer Science 2016
  • 1/9/18: Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science 0478
  • 1/1/19 onward: AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy and other science syllabi


Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

quote2Thank you for letting us use the bank of questions on a trial basis. We are delighted with them.antiquote2

Eliz Dadson, Head of Computer Science, Cranleigh School, Abu Dhabi

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