Funny exam question answers

I thought you might enjoy some of answers your student have been giving to the short-text questions in our J276 GCSE Practice Exam module.

Actually, I don’t know whose students these are. The students’ responses are completely anonymised when we see them. As the first results to each question come in, we analyse the performance of the auto-marking algorithm and tweak the scoring rubrics to improve performance. In the process, we discover that student humour is alive and well…

    • Describe the features of RAM. (2)
      It can breed with sheep, they are fluffy and have Continue reading

How to cheat in exams

A whole page of “how to…” videos, courtesy of Tony Vincent. Ah, brings back happy memories. Only kidding.

I found these via Glen Moses’s rant about how “mobile phones can be used for cheating” is a really naff excuse for banning them.

Anyway, here’s my favourite, both for the elegance of the method and the congruence of the presenter.



And here by way of contrast is the James Bond fear fantasy of exam cheating you are being sold by equipment suppliers. I would give long odds that for every SMERSH agent in your exam room there are 100 rubber-banders.

In 2002, I sat on the committee that wrote British Standard BS7988: Code of practice for the use of information technology (IT) in the delivery of assessments, which subsequently morphed into ISO/IEC 23988 Information technology — A code of practice for the use of information technology (IT) in the delivery of assessments. In retrospect I think we, too, over-focused on the technical aspects, and largely ignored the way that many problems (not just cheating) carry over from paper to electronic means of assessment.