Funny exam question answers

I thought you might enjoy some of answers your student have been giving to the short-text questions in our J276 GCSE Practice Exam module.

Actually, I don’t know whose students these are. The students’ responses are completely anonymised when we see them. As the first results to each question come in, we analyse the performance of the auto-marking algorithm and tweak the scoring rubrics to improve performance. In the process, we discover that student humour is alive and well…

    • Describe the features of RAM. (2)
      It can breed with sheep, they are fluffy and have good horns which is good because they may lose there memory but when playing games with it, it is always powerful.
    • Describe file management (2)
      Hire Wenger for the management and then put him in a folder.
    • Describe why multicore processors run faster than single. (2)
      More cores, more instructions can be processed at once, it runs faster, it grows legs and bolts it out the door.
    • Non-volatile memory holds information on a _____basis. (1)
      Permanent, non-temporary, infinite, till death do we part, long term, eg supercalifragalisticexpialidocious.
    • Volatile memory holds information on a _____ basis. (1)
      Temporary, finite, not for forever, short term, e.g. minuscule or a contractual wobbly knobbly bobbly.
    • Identify the two main types of CPU architecture. (2)
      Harvard, Von Neumann, Turing, Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Classical, Minimalist.
    • Explain how the performance of a CPU can be improved. (3)
      More RAM. More Cache. More Cores. Higher Clock Speed. Giving it a Cookie. Bribing it with Chocolate Cake. Adding some interesting lighting. Better Choreography.




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