Timed, randomised assessment engine

Sometimes you want collaboration, sometimes you want to be sure that students will work alone. One way to do that with multiple choice is to

  • draw questions from a question bank at random
  • present them in a random order
  • randomise the positioning of the answers
  • allow a short fixed time for each answer
  • Next year, we will introduce this as an optional content type in Paperless School. Our first-stab prototype quiz engine is finished and we have a trial set of Business Studies tests installed on it. Please do take a look, and give me your feedback. I’ve already had several useful criticisms and suggestions for improvement, and look forward to receiving more.

    If you’ve got a multiple-choice assessment or quiz you’d like to publish in this format, get in touch. To help us build our expertise in this area, we’re happy to host it for you absolutely free.


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