Liquid Layouts

If you looked at the ePortfolio exemplars I blogged at the start of the month, you might have noticed that they required quite a big screen for optimum display. Many screens in schools are only 800×600 so I’ve been worrying about this for some time. So… through December, Sasha rewrote all the templates to conform […]

5000 teachers now Yacapaca members

We are cracking champagne this afternoon having just signed up our 5,000th teacher on Yacapaca! I am delighted to welcome Alison Bayley of Thomas Peacocke Community College in Rye to our growing community. Alison, to celebrate we’ve just given you 1000 free credits on the system. Enjoy!

eAssessment training days

A particular pleasure recently has been to observe the increasing trend of early Yacapaca adopters seeking to induct colleagues. It is an extra level of validation when somebody thinks that what you are doing is good enough to share with their friends. And I’m a sucker for flattery. These pioneering adopters tend to learn by […]

ePortfolio integration

This evening we are uploading the next major improvement to Yacapaca. The ePortfolio is now integrated into Yacapaca for both teachers and students. Teacher module As teacher, you will see a ‘gateway button’ in the Yacapaca banner. This will take you into the ePortfolio module. You will find most of it self-explanatory, but please do […]