Life after Google

Just when we were all getting the idea that search tools are now so good they can replace hierarchical file systems, along comes Alex Bokov dreaming about what might replace search as our key tool for acquiring the knowledge we need…

I think someday the internet experience will be streamlined to the following:

You turn on your device. You scribble/type/thumb at it furiously for a few minutes. You hit ‘send’. You don’t address it to anybody in particular, it just goes out and everyone who needs to see it eventually will.

Then you click ‘receive’ and you get what your history of choices identifies as the stuff you most need to see today.

The distinctions between one site and another will be as irrelevant as what type of database or CGI flavor a particular site is using. There will be a site-independent meme-layer, and above that will be a user-configure subscription and UI layer. I think has made link-repositories site independent (or will, once people realize what I did) and your project will do the same for BBS’s.

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