Bug report

Early on in the rollout of Paperless School we discovered that if you want good, accurate bug reports from students, it’s best to get them to tell you directly rather than report via their teacher. It doesn’t always work out quite as expected, though. This is from today’s log, with personal details anonymised …

Report from student

  • Username: xxxxxx
  • School: xxxxxxxx High School
  • Were you at school or at home when this problem happened?
  • What happened?
    I’m being attacked by a man-eating walrus!
  • Were you able to get around the problem and carry on? No, its got me cornered
  • How serious is this problem? urgent

Response from support

Thank you for your bug report. I am afraid that man-eating walruses are not a component of our system and are certainly not my speciality. I wish you luck in your fight and hope you survive intact.

I do hope reporting this doesn’t create a trend…


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