Bullying via new technology

Chalkface publishes some 23 resources on bullying, or with bullying-related content. Over the years, we’ve covered every aspect of bullying as it affects young people….or so I thought.

Stop Text Bullying is a new site aimed at raising awareness of bullying via new technologies. It is structured around a list of seven ways of using technology to be unpleasant to people – texting, phone calls, photos (specifically from camera phones), email, chat/IM, various websites, identity theft.

On the downside, I’m not wildly impressed by the content. It looks like what it is, a great idea unimaginatively implemented by its commercial sponsor (Tesco Mobile). But it’s a wakeup call for Chalkface; we should already have both online and offline resources covering this area in a way that’s really teachable, and we don’t….yet.

Via c|net

Update 4/7/05: I listed this entry on our monthly customer email and it attracted a far higher level of interest than I’d expected. This reinforces my conviction that a new resource is needed; trouble is, we don’t have an author. If you think you’re the person to do it, and you’re an experienced classroom teacher, get in touch.


The listed site is the best available no matter its shortcomings and it is available to students. That make sit worthwhile. A teaching resource would always be useful but kids need somewhere to go too.
Barbara Daniels


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