Flash is a tool not a toy

Received from a Paperless School user who I won’t name to spare the blushes of his technical department…

We are about to run into problem with technicians again! They turned off flash player because some pupils were playing games in other classes, promptly losing the online encyclopedia*, how nice to be consulted!

…and the reply I’d really like to send, but won’t.

Dear _

When I visited your school a while back I noticed one of your pupils doodling in his jotter. Clearly, this activity is not educational and indicates a dangerous loss if discipline in the school. I appreciate that pens, pencils etc can have educational value if their use is properly supervised, but the benefits must be weighed against the risks. Before matters get out of hand I strongly recommend you confiscate all writing implements forthwith.

* Our encyclopedias don’t use much Flash, but there’s a very handy link in a Flash banner on the main work pages.


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