Ecstra screencast

Nick, who architected Paperless School, is experimenting with screencasting

I bought a copy of Macromedia Captivate the other day. It’s a great tool for
creating demos, or tutorials on how to use a program/web interface, but also
claims to integrate with SCORM-compliant LMS somehow… I haven’t got that
far yet. Here’s my first amateurish production: [demo of his CMS Ecstra] –
a Flash movie of a Flash movie in fact.

I’ve seem screencasts before from experts like Jon Udell – but this is Nick’s first attempt. It’s a credit to Nick, and has certainly piqued my interest in the Captivate. As soon as Macromedia revise their sniffy attitude towards my preferred browser (Camino) I’ll take a look.

Ecstra itself is

a platform-independent web application for managing, visualising and publishing data, ideas, content, processes and plans.

and well worth your attention if you manage large amounts of information, or just if you love cool interfaces.

Update: to see M’media at their sniffiest it turns out you have to be in Camino when you click the link above. Which I recommend, because Camino is even better than Firefox.


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