Alternative test templates on Yacapaca – which is better?

I asked Mark Leighton, author of Online Assessment in ICT for feedback on our new ‘avatar’ template. He said:

I like the colours and overall style, and I like the
clock feature – it is somehow less imposing than a line symbol.

Yes I think this is well adapted to KS3, although we must be careful not
to go as far as to make it appear too ‘child friendly’, since this is what
puts me off a number of other VLE type solutions / content – I think it
needs to retain a ‘business like’ element to the interface.

This new design certainly has a bigger ‘wow’ factor when you first go into

Overall, a definite improvement and a nice clean interface. I think you
have pitched it well for KS3.

Very encouraging! I’ve take Mark’s note of caution on board, and kept the ‘plain’ template available as well. See for yourself; here’s the same test (NC Level 6) on the avatar template and on the plain template. Which would you set for your KS3 students?


I plan to use the new avatar template for the Business quizzes
and stick with the old one for the Economics questions. Not sure why I
don’t use the new Avatar for the 6th form, I’m sure they wouldn’t think it
was too “kiddie”. I guess it’s down to the fact that I already have tests
in the old format and they worked very well. If it ain’t broke….

Steve Margetts

I found the Avatars last week – a real improvement. My Y7 classes didn’t even realise they were doing a test!

David Kissack
ICT Manager
Castle Hall School


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