More ammo for Moodlers

Some very well-informed discussion of VLE issues going on over at Zacker’s blog at the moment. If you are trying to gen up on VLEs generally, read the comments on his Sakai vs. Moodle post. Never mind that it’s about Sakai, which is virtually unknown in the UK. What’s really useful in the debate is how it reveals the evolved criteria of people who have been involved in VLEs for some time. I enriched my knowledge of the scalability issue, particularly.

Also, if you’re in the pro-Moodle camp, there are some lovely graphs to warm yer cockles.

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3 responses to “More ammo for Moodlers”

  1. We have just started with Moodle and it is ‘so far so good’ which I am very happy with.

    I applaud the Open Source principle but I do not want to lose entrepreneurship either (I am new to teaching after 30 years running my own businesses).

    Can we hope to see commercial organsations, like Chalkface, producing paid-for content for Moodle?

    I would prefer to see central government kick in the very modest funds to produce (in my case) KS3 ICT Moodle modules, but, as the Sakai v Moodle blog that your original post refers to illustrates, big organisations have a hard time working with small scale proposals.

    Maybe if I suggested we spend £127.5 million producing the NC in Moodle form, they would consider it?

    Best Wishes

    Mark Townsend

  2. Hmmm.
    That last post was my first and, as the screen gave me no clues about formatting, I did not add any tags to put some air into the words.
    This time, I am using HTML tags but as I cannot preview, I cannot know if I will succeed!
    Come on Chalkface, give us a clue how to create neat posts!

    Best Wishes

    Mark Townsend

  3. By all means point that £127.5M Chalkface’s way, Mark. We really wouldn’t mind at all! And yes, we need to clean up the comments form a bit.

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