The Valentine's Day Survey

In a previous career, I used to write quizzes for teenage magazines, so when Valentine’s day came around, I couldn’t resist doing an online one. It’s in the Freebies section if you’ve not already seen it. Miranda claims it’s trashy, and she’s probably right. But it’s fun.

Writing for magazines, I never knew how my quizzes got answered. With Yacapaca, I finally can. Built into the admin tools (but not the teacher-authoring suite yet, sorry) is an analysis screen that shows me the combined marks of all users. It doesn’t show which school or students, just a total. Here’s how Q2 of the Valentine’s survey looked this evening.

Valentine survey

So far, too little data to really tell, but after half-term there should be quite a lot, and we’ll get a truer view of the the state of teenage morality across the nation. If there’s interest, I will publish the data in a couple of weeks.

There may not be, because it’s just a fun survey. But… think what else you could use it for. If you have ideas national (regional, whatever) surveys that you’d like to do, let me know (ian_gs[at] I will see what I can do to help.


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