Has Chalkface fallen victim to your spam filter?

A lost-confirmation complaint prompted me to research how good different ISPs are at delivering email.

I looked at the number of failed signups to Yacapaca, and compared them against successful signups. Here are the results for the big ISPs:

  • AOL.com 33%
  • Yahoo.co.uk 24%
  • Hotmail.com 23%
  • Tiscali.co.uk 20%
  • Yahoo.com 17%
  • BTinternet.com 17%
  • Hotmail.co.uk 10%

So, what’s going on? Those percentages must include some people who mistyped their emails and others who simply lost interest – but 33%? I don’t think so.

I am pretty sure the problem is overly-aggressive spam filters. The ISPs are busting a gut to deal with the torrent of spam that is swamping them at the moment. In the absence of good long-term solutions, they are increasingly filtering out anything from sources not already known to you.

I have asked our software team to investigate all possible solutions. Meanwhile, it might behove you to check your Junk Mail folder once in a while. After all, where there’s muck, there’s brass.


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