Yacapaca May redux

A quick roundup of Yacapaca events in May:

  • The freebie for June is a suite of World Cup quizzes, of course!
  • To celebrate, I have changed the default avatar to George, the footballer (so called because George Best, the footballing hero of my generation of schoolboys, died on the day we launched that particular avatar. Doesn’t look a bit like him).
  • We’re now up to 4,000 registered teachers (as well as the previously announced 100,000 students).
  • The ePortfolio beta test is going really well, with lots of teachers finding interesting ways to use it. More on that later.
  • We are rolling out test authoring privileges to all teachers. Free, of course.
  • We’ve improved the free membership; you now get your credits topped up to 100 free tests at the start of every month. The idea is to give you enough room to experiment before deciding it is worth it.


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