100,000 students on Yacapaca

At the moment of writing, Yacapaca has exactly 100,156 student members. So we shall crack some champagne at the developers’ conference, which serendipitously starts tomorrow.


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2 responses to “100,000 students on Yacapaca”

  1. I will love to stay in this commity but when I log on,I can’t get on because I don’t what my password is supposed to be but I know what my login is.
    It is susan115.

    Can you please help me out thanks.


  2. Hi Susan; I’m not sure which community you are talking about, but all the ones I run have password recovery links on the login page. Oh – unless you have a student login to Yacapaca, in which case you need to ask your teacher. Good luck recovering your password!

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