The 50 quid laptop: it's started

Yahoo News reports that Thailand has committed to the $100 One Laptop per Child Project.

BANGKOK, Thailand – Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has announced that an ambitious project to provide low-cost laptop computers to all of Thailand’s millions of elementary school students will begin in October.

OLPC themselves downplayed this slightly…

Thailand: Prime Minister Taksin Shinawatra used an extraordinarily long
segment of his Saturday morning, weekly, one-hour broadcast to describe
OLPC, its purpose and its timing.

…so this may only be the symbolic beginning. Nonetheless, think about the consequences. If a country like Thailand (not impoverished, but still deemed ‘third world’) can put the internet in front of every child, they raise their access to textbooks and subject-expert teachers to 1st World levels at a stroke.


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