We have stopped charging for Yacapaca

Yep, it’s true. No more charges for using any part of Yacapaca. Not even the brand-new ePortfolios.

Over the summer, I decided it would be fairer and more logical to charge for the bit that really costs us money. That’s training and support. Early-adopting users tend to just muck in and work Yacapaca out for themselves, but as schools are starting to use Yacapaca school-wide, that’s changing.

So, we’re introducing a training and support package and what I think is a fantastic price – £295.00 per year for the whole school. It includes:

  • a great CD-ROM of training videos that you can use to induct fellow teachers in sensible bite-sized chunks,
  • online tests so you can diagnose other teachers’ (or your own) competency levels,
  • one year of unlimited support by email, and up to 500 minutes of support by phone from our new tech support centre.

But – I want to emphasise that everyone has full access to the system with or without a training & support contract.


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