More Chalkface babies

In a comment on my previous baby post I jokingly promised that we’d ramp up production. Little did I know…not only have we ramped it up; we’ve even outsourced some to Ukraine!

I am therefore delighted to celebrate the arrival of Maria Skokova (top in photo). Igor, her father, built the Yacapaca ePortfolio pilot which has garnered so much acclaim.

And hot on the heels comes Cameron Lunn (bottom in photo). Katherine, his mum, was responsible for the creation and updating of Chalkface packs up to the point in 2002 where we moved all our energies into online materials. If you look in the front of one of the Chalkface packs in your stock cupboard, you will most likely find her name there.

Congratulations Igor, Katherine and your respective spouses.

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One response to “More Chalkface babies”

  1. Thank you Ian 🙂 This is the first time I’ve heard of “outsourcing babies” – brilliant idea! 🙂

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