No more individual worksheets

One of my greatest failed inventions was selling worksheets individually, like these (scroll to the bottom of the page). Teachers often complain that they buy a Chalkface pack then use only half the contents, so it seemed a good service to allow people to pick and choose the bits they wanted.

It wasn’t. Everyone said it was a good idea; nobody (well, hardly anybody) actually bought an individual worksheet. In retrospect, the flaw is obvious. To know if you want to teach with a resorce, you need to see the whole thing. We did allow teachers to download print-disabled copies of each worksheet first, but that is simply too time-consuming for a busy teacher. As the whole thing is only £25, more cost-effective to simply buy the whole thing.

I mention this now because the individual worksheets are going soon, as part of a general revamp of the site. So if you actually have been sitting there agonising over whether to spend £1.17 on It’s OK to be Angry, now’s your last chance.


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