Liquid Layouts

If you looked at the ePortfolio exemplars I blogged at the start of the month, you might have noticed that they required quite a big screen for optimum display. Many screens in schools are only 800×600 so I’ve been worrying about this for some time.

So… through December, Sasha rewrote all the templates to conform to a system known as ‘Liquid Layout’. The idea is that a web page should intelligently resize itself to whatever screen it finds itself on, rather than demanding that you the user buy a screen the same size as the designer’s.

Perfectly liquid layouts work equally well on desktop or your mobile phone. We’ve not gone quite that far, but we have improved things a lot. Certainly the portfolios will display fine on all common school computers.

With our intensively graphical format it wasn’t easy, and I’m pretty proud of what Sasha has achieved. Take a look for yourself; here are the same real students’ portfolios I showed last month, re-exported with the new templates:


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