Chalkface doesn’t do BETT, and as a result I missed hearing Jim Knight admit that the online SATS are never going to work would benefit from ‘evolution’ and are being binned declared non-statutory.

The Department for Education and Skills is now working with the QCA to evolve the exam into a “formative test for ongoing assessment”, rather than a statutory test. (BBC)

Just as well, my reaction would probably have got me thrown out.

Never mind, whilst RM laughs all the way to the bank, those who just want to get on with ICT assessment can still use the free Yacapaca baseline tests.

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2 responses to “ICT online SATS RIP”

  1. Ian, I wasn’t there on the day of the announcement, but went yesterday (Saturday). The guy on the QCA stand had clearly been answering KS3 ICT test questions for the entire duration of BETT.

    He held up well for about four minutes, but then couldn’t answer the basic questions about why it is being continued and how on earth is it going to be adapted in just one year, plus why not use the successful techniques that others have introduced instead. He then – to my joy – handed over to an RM representative who got upset when I asked him about RM’s reaction to the failure of the tests. He claimed that they hadn’t failed – that they worked perfectly and the goalposts have simply been moved.

  2. To be fair, the guys from QCA and RM were probably telling the truth. DfES thinking has just not been joined up, with main opinion moving away from end of KS testing towards more personalised assessment, while a small corner has been developing the online test. Ironically, ICT offers fantastic possibilities for very personalised assessment, so lets hope ‘the test’ does indeed get developed and not just shelved. Pupils who have used it enjoy doing it, its just a shame having to wait so long for the outcome!

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