Circus as education

I had the great privilege to spend Sunday with my friends at La Fiesta Escènica with the Circo Deros, currently touring South West Spain with their show Provoke in Venezia.

It struck me what a fantastic education the circus is for the young performers there. It’s full of excitement, adventure and romance – but at the same time absolute dedication, discipline and hard work are demanded of every member of the team.

Are we really doing the right thing pushing 90% of our youngsters down a route that is academic in form, even if not in content? Just as a thought-experiment, flip this on its head. Imagine, if you will, that after GCSEs 90% of students went into the circus for two years. Only the most introverted would be allowed the ‘second rate’ option of book learning.

What sort of society would that create? Submit your answer as a live performance of no less than 10 minutes, with video for the moderator to review later.

And speaking of video, here are my impressions of the performance itself.


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