Borrow and adapt your own online tests

The feature of Yacapaca I am proudest of is the ability to easily borrow someone else’s work and adapt it for your teaching needs. Ever since Chalkface started, teacher have been using scissors and Pritt-stick to adapt worksheets, so it makes sense that they should be able to do this with online materials too.

Perhaps I’m being impatient, but to be honest I am disappointed in the uptake of this brilliant feature. Hundreds of teachers have got into test authoring in Yacapaca, but quite often I notice they are re-inventing the wheel.

So, to show you just how easy this brilliant feature is, here are three segments from the screencasts that come with our training and support package, that cover the basics of how it’s done. Enjoy.

  1. Searching Questions screencast
  2. Building a Test screencast
  3. The Completed Test screencast

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2 responses to “Borrow and adapt your own online tests”

  1. Sorry but all the 3 links just give me a blank screen??i.e. browse ana adapt your online tests.???

  2. Audrey, two possibilities come to mind. First, you may not have Flash installed. Second, if you are on a dial-up connection you probably will have to wait quite a while before the screencast starts – they are round about 1M each and could take 5m to download. If you have ever wondered why we send out a CD-ROM to support an online product, that’s why. Screencasts are big files!

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