Free wi-fi broadband from Google

Google have been saying for some time that they wanted to offer free broadband for everybody, but I really thought that meant “everybody in the USA”.

Well, I was wrong! Google TiSP was announced today (Sun, 1st Apr 2007) with no apparent geographical limitations. So how did they do it? Well, Google have ingeniously realised that data can be sent through the sewer system, thus bypassing the phone company altogether.

If you are still paying for broadband access, I recommend you sign up for Google TiSP right away. I already have, and I’m flushed with pride at how well the new system works.

Just one thing – do notice the date of the announcement before cancelling your old broadband contract.

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3 responses to “Free wi-fi broadband from Google”

  1. m n how could you be such a cynic? Sending information down pipes is an engineering concept used in many applications. It seems perfectly logical to me.

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