Chalkface website updated

We are updating the Chalkface website today. It’s a little chaotic, as these things always are, but the wrinkles are slowly disappearing. If you are just browsing round the site, you probably won’t notice any difference but underneath it has been completely rebuilt. For the technically-minded, we have dumped Plone in favour of Django, and moved the blog to WordPress.

These are the new features we have got as a result:

  • Faster. Much faster
  • Better search. More of each product record is searched, and the results are more intelligently ranked.
    Improved credit-card processing. We have dropped PayPal in favour of Protx, which works particularly well with British banks. Protx is simple, reliable and secure.
  • More-trustworthy book reviews. My first job in the morning used to be to delete the inappropriate and unhelful graffiti left by spammers and VI-formers overnight. They are now blocked, but instead we will write to every genuine purchaser of each book and ask them to rate it and write a short review. This way, you know you are seeing reviews from real users. Incidentally, our policy remains that remove reviews that are completely uninformative, and keep the rest – whether they are positive or negative in tone.


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