Dave Corbett's great KS3 History course

Dave Corbett, the author of all these History tests is now setting homework via his blog. What I really love is the way Dave is pulling in resources from all over the web – podcasts from the BBC, Wikpedia pages, other History teachers’ sites, Yacapaca (of course) – and linking them up with minimal text of his own to manage his childrens’ homeworks. And it’s not costing Dave or his school a bean.



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  1. Thanks for the comments! I got the idea of using a blog from an email I received from Yacapaca, detailing what Mike Record was doing at an American FE college, and then thought how this could be adapted for my students to use. I then looked at what some of the other teachers at http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk were doing with their blogs and combined the ideas. The feedback from my students and their parents has all been really positive, and consequently I will certainly be looking to set almost all of my homework in this way (for Geography, English and RE too!)

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