Tutorial 11: Question Types

I spotted a conversation between Dave and Dafydd over on the SchoolHistory.co.uk forum, about question types in quizzes. These guys are two of Yacapaca’s most prolific authors, so if they don’t know, we have clearly not got the message across. So for reference, here’s the complete list. Bookmark it now for future reference!


The Yacapaca assessment question types


AKA “select your answer”. The original multiple choice question. Two to six options.


Two to six checkboxes, none, some or all of which need to Continue reading

Dave Corbett's great KS3 History course

Dave Corbett, the author of all these History tests is now setting homework via his blog. What I really love is the way Dave is pulling in resources from all over the web – podcasts from the BBC, Wikpedia pages, other History teachers’ sites, Yacapaca (of course) – and linking them up with minimal text of his own to manage his childrens’ homeworks. And it’s not costing Dave or his school a bean.