The return of "I am Clever"



Update 2013: the I Am Clever materials have now been permanently retired. Thanks for your interest. I am Clever

Back in 1999 we thought it would be a pretty cool experiment to add an online component to Chalkface packs. Students could do homeworks or extension activities online, and have them emailed back to the teacher. So we created a website called that encapsulated these ideas in a set of nice little web forms, and linked it to the lesson plans of a couple of dozen Chalkface packs.

Nobody used it. As far as I could tell, it got absolute zero usage for two years. Discouraged, we let the system fall into abeyance and concentrated on other projects. And then, about two years ago, we started getting a trickle of complaints from teachers who still had those packs and were now ready to try out the web homeworks.

It wasn’t really practical to resuscitate the old site, so instead, my colleague Victoria has spent the last couple of weeks moving the assignments across to Yacapaca. If you are a Yacapaca member, you will find them here.

Some assignments had to be abandoned, generally because they contained too many dead links.

Technically, they work really nicely now. They are easy to set and easy to mark. The activities themselves are a bit variable. The staff who were writing them in 1999 were themselves inexperienced in using the web, and sometimes it shows. If they prove popular this time around, we will put some energy into improving them.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.


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10 responses to “The return of "I am Clever"”

  1. Hello,
    I have had a look at yacapaca because I liked the sound of it but I was disappointed when I couldn’t find any modern foreign language assignments! If there were a few of those I would like to give it a try and find out how it works!

  2. If you would like to join my very small mfl group, we could put some quizzes together.

  3. You can never complain about the lack of content on – if there is no content you are free to create your own. That way it is perfectly customisable to your students’ requirements and you can then bask in the glory of creating something for the world to use. 🙂

    Seriously though – put some quizzes together yourself – it is very straightforward and very satisfying.

  4. Love the homework resource but can’t use it till i can find the accessing ict in english pack that it stems from Where do i find the main pack?

  5. Still can’t seem to find the migrated ‘I am clever’ resources. ave they moved again?

  6. hello! I now have the problem of not being able to find them. have they been moved AGAIN?

    • The were retired in December 2011 and you are the first person to notice – which tells you just how irrelevant they had become. Announcement was here if you are interested. They had a good run in the end, and I certainly learned a lot from doing that project, so I’m not displeased.

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