Subjective Assessment

Last week’s list of question types went down so well that I got motivated to do you another list, this time of ‘task’ types. ‘Task’ is Yacapaca-speak for what is also known as Subjective Asessment, or free-text. I have covered the principles of these already; this is a handy list of the actual settings for each type.

The Yacapaca subjective-assessment task types

Create tasks in any of these formats, by starting from the homepage of any author group of which you are a member.

  • Short Text
    Students enter plain text only, file uploads are disallowed and students may not add their own cards. Students answer one question per card, and the expectation is that the answer will be fairly short. As teacher, you can view all answers on a single page and mark each against a pre-written mark scheme.
  • ePortfolio
    Entry is HTML via the WYSIWYG editor, students can upload files and both add and delete cards from the original task you design. Marking is for the whole task. Teacher comments are enabled on each card, and the expectation is that you will use these to minute your conversation with the student as the ePortfolio develops.
  • Free-text survey
    Similar to the short-text test, except that marking and commenting are all switched off. You can download the responses to an Excel file so student can analyse the results.
  • Website
    Similar settings to the ePortfolio, except that the only file types that may be uploaded are those that can be embedded in a web page. You should require students to ensure that any uploaded file is actually visible on the page.

Finally, a note for advanced users. You can manually change the task parameters to create the exact assessment type that you want. I have yet to document exactly how it all works, but don’t be afraid to experiment in the sandpit.


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