Which is the best video upload service?

It’s great having free services where you can upload educational videos. So many possible uses. But… which is the best one? I tried three; here are the results:


Google Video


Online Videos by Veoh.com

If you’ve actually watched them all, it is really no contest. My thanks to Aidan McCanny for turning me on to Veoh.


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2 responses to “Which is the best video upload service?”

  1. Update: WordPress modifies the embed code for each of these, which makes the file subsequently uneditable. And… the Veoh video does not want to run any more. So perhaps the choice is not so obvious after all. Here is a link to the video in situ in Veoh, if you’ve not already written them off

  2. Update 2: Finally got the Veoh embed to work (looks like Veoh have fixed the code) but the process of editing the post broke the other two. So whichever you use, I would definitely recommend you restrict yourself to one video per blog post – at least in WordPress.

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