Sharing logins in Yacapaca

If you’re not a Yaquapacista, stop reading now! None of this is going to make sense without a Yacapaca teacher login.

Still here? OK, some folks have been requesting a ‘share logins’ feature over in the feature request discussion, which you are welcome to join btw. Sharing logins can mean multiple things; I’m going to cover two of them here:

1. Sharing logins with other services

for example, having students use their login to the school network as their Yacapaca login. This can often be achieved simply by telling your students to change their details in their “Me” page. This usually works fine, but the problem with it is that Yacapaca is a global service, and we cannot guarantee that any particular login will not already have been taken.

A more sophisticated approach is to use “syndicated identity” such as the Shibboleth scheme. This requires technical changes to any service that supports it. Several learning platforms, such as Moodle, do already support it, and Yacapaca will soon. However, unless your school (and probably your LA) have committed to it, it’s not going to do you much good. So for most teachers, that’s one for the future.

So… we’re part of the way there.

2. Having one login for multiple teachers in Yacapaca

It is an all-too-well-kept secret that this has been available in Yacapaca for over a year. What’s more, there are no fewer than three ways to do it, depending on your particular circumstances.

  • You have an existing student set that you want to share with another teacher. Go to your list of student sets and click “add teacher to set”. Specify the email or login of the teacher you want to invite and click ‘submit’.
  • You want to set work for students who are already Yacapaca members, but are not yet in your sets. Go to Add Students and click the Access Key link. Enter the set name, and (for security) how long the key will be valid, and click ‘submit. Now you will see an 8-digit access key which you can email to students or simply write up on the markerboard. They use it to add themselves to your set, and off you go.
  • Students already have multiple logins, and you want to rationalise them. Under their “Me” button, students will find a link to “merge logins“. After that, it’s entirely intuitive.


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