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Sandra Lothian from the New South Wales YMCA asked a question (login req) in the Yacapaca forum yesterday:

Once you have created a quiz, short-text assessment or eportfolio. Where do you go to preview what it will look like?


A great chance to try out Jing, a ‘casual screencasting’ tool I’ve just started using. Here’s how it works. Once installed, Jing leaves a little menu permanently on your screen. At any time you can define an area of the screen and start recording it. When done, click the ‘share’ button and the video uploads itself to a server and send back a url that you can use as a link. In the case of the video I did for Sandra it’s http://www.screencast.com/t/W_KliBfnvW

Until now, screencasts have been quite complicated to make. You had to master a powerful program like Captivate (PC only – yuk!), organise hosting, get an FTP program to upload files, etc, etc. For the screencast-based Yacapaca Training Disk, I hired the extremely competent Mike Highfield to do it all for us, and got a great result. But that took money and time as you will know if you were one of the people we kept waiting for the new disk.


For on-the-fly class teaching Jing is a brilliant tool. Jing itself is free, but the screencast hoting service that makes it so compelling cost £3.50/month after the first two months. If you use it regularly (and I think I shall), that’s astonishingly good value.

Meanwhile – did my screencast do its job? Well, Sandra is blogging her experience of Yacapaca, so why not go and ask her!


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2 responses to “Easy-peasy screencasts”

  1. Hi, thanks for the screencast, it was very helpful. I my muddling through learning the system myself as a trial for the YWCA NSW, Austraia which centres on adult education. I would love to purchase the training CD, but this is way beyond our budget. I appreciate your help. Can you please explain what an eportfolio is and how it would be used? I have looked on the Yacapaca site, but I found the information on this subject very limited. Thanks

  2. > Can you please explain what an eportfolio is and how it would be used?

    Yikes! There are whole conferences on that. Perhaps the most practical thing would be to point you to some of my previous writings around the issue:
    * ePortfolio exemplars: http://www.chalkface.com/blog/?p=70
    * Subjective-assessment types in Yacapaca: http://www.chalkface.com/blog/?p=254
    * 10 posts tagged “ePortfolio: http://www.chalkface.com/blog/?cat=19

    Good luck with it. Everyone is feeling their way still with elearning, most particularly in a radical system like Yacapaca. You’ll soon find out how to make it do things that are useful to you, I’m sure.

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