Managing student sets and logins

We get a lot of enquiries like this one from Geoff Welch.

  • When setting up pupils how do we set up pupil accounts so that different staff can set tasks for the same pupils?

Time for a screencast!


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5 responses to “Managing student sets and logins”

  1. I liked your video. Everything seems simple and clear.I’m afraid when I begin doing all this staff I’ll have a lot of problems and have to see your video many times.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you! A very timely video, as we were just discussing this problem today! Very clear.

  3. its not working !!!!!

    [edit by Ian: which “it”? I have just checked the video and that’s fine, though it does take a minute or so to load.]
    [edit 2: I just had it take 3 minutes to load. I suspect that Screencast, who serve these, are getting quite busy sometimes. You may need to be patient.]

  4. I appreciate your explanation about how to use the interface; however, I am having a problem when adding new student to my list. Those student can log in but they are not given access to the assignments. They get a screen without the assessment items. Could you explain why this may be occurring and what I can do to rectify it. I removed and added them again. I create another list for new students. In both instances the same problem occurred.

    Your assistance will most gratefully appreciated.



  5. Peter, the most likely explanation is that the students are logging in under one ID but you have set the work under another. Once they have multiple IDs, it is very easy for this to happen, which is why we provide the ability for students to ‘clip together’ multiple IDs.

    The solution is to look at the login ID one student has actually signed in under (via their Me page), then carefully trace back through your teacher screens from your assignment record to the student set, and then to the individual student. I’m pretty sure you will find a different login ID from the one the student is using.

    If you can collect all the IDs that have been given out to each student, the students themselves can combine these into a single identity, and the problem will go away.

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