Three reasons you should run the Yacapaca Christmas Quizzes this year

This year, there are no fewer than 11 Xmas quizzes to choose from:

  • The 2021 topical quiz (a mix of serious and trivia)
  • The traditional three: easy, difficult and fiendish
  • 7 subject-specific quizzes: DT, English, Geography, History, RE (twice), Maths.

And here is why you should be assigning them to your students today:

Reason 1: Fun & Engaging

Students love competing for badges and don’t even realise how much they are learning in the process.

Reason 2: Formative

1. With feedback that teases and encourages (but never spoonfeeds the right answer), Yacapaca feedback goes beyond rote learning to deepen understanding and evaluation.

Reason 3: Easy yet effective

Assign a quiz to your students in just four clicks. Use in class, for homework or with Covid-19 isolated students. And you still get a full report and analysis of student results.

Here is how they work

Students choose their own colour theme. This one is called “Winter is Coming”. Every question is timed and the timer adjusts to the natural pace of the student.

There is formative feedback after every question. There are different feedback statements for each possible response.

This theme is called Inyerface, for obvious reasons. We should have called it Marmite, because nobody is neutral about it.

Formative feedback never spoonfeeds the correct answer, because it goes in one ear and out the other (the technical explanation involves the different layers of memory).

Checkbox question type. Partially-correct answers score part-marks. These theme is called Cherry Blossom.

Cloze (gap-fill) question type. This question is set to ‘fuzzy match’ that allows mis-spellings. Not that it will help this student – ‘cards’ is definitely the wrong answer.

Short-text question type. Space for an explanation or a list, but still auto-marked. Yacapaca is the only assessment platform for schools that auto-marks short text.

Students gain additional badge points for accurately predicting their score. Used consistently, this helps them develop a realistic estimate of the amount of work needed to get satisfactory results, and combats Dunning Kruger syndrome.

Think your students would love them? So do I!

Next step: go to the Xmas Quizzes page in Yacapaca and assign!


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